Jean-Claude (JC) Godard

Developer / Builder / CEO

Winner of the 2014 Business of the Year, Business Excellence Award from the Cornwall and Area Chamber of Commerce and with more than 50 years of design, development and construction experience, Jean-Claude (JC) Godard is a self-motivated leader who has seen success as a result of hard work, detailed planning and determination.

For over 5 decades, we have built a solid reputation as leaders in the creation and construction of quality communities for our valued customers.
Our commitment to your satisfaction begins long before you enter the apartment and become our customer.

We are committed to building the highest quality complex so you can live life more balanced, connected and fulfilled.


Sunset Court

1125 Second Street West (click for website)

Riverdale Terrace

1200 Second Street West (click for website)

Prime Square

1 Second Street East (click to for website)

King's Landing

1146 Montreal Road (click for website)

Knox City Centre

108 Second Street East (click for website)

Call for more details

613-543-8400 or 877-524-6327